Non-Destructive Testing Cells


Customer Needs
To meet the A350's increased production rate, to reach 1 part controlled
3 min on a 900 parts scope including 600 different parts (without series effect).
VLM Robotics cell
Cartesian ultrasonic NDT machine Agile robot (part recognition, recruitment and positioning in the thickness measuring tank)
CN (C-scan and traceability).

Machining Cells +


Customer Needs
Robotic applications for pre-machining of hard materials or finishing operations with fine tolerances in space reflector molds.
VLM Robotics Cell.
Nimitech's multifunctional machining cell for workpieces (up to 4 m in diameter).
Robot KR360, NC, Divider, Tool changer, routing…

Additive Manufacturing Cells +


Customer Needs
Additive manufacturing of XXL large metal partsfrom wire for an additive manufacturing service provider.
VLM Robotics Cell
WAAM & Plasma cell for metal parts of 6m x 2m x 2m Robot, 6m linear axis, 2-axis (9 axes) turning device controlled by a NC in Direct Control.
NX Software
Dual Wire Fusion Technologies: CMT & Plasma.

Comp@qt: Standard Machine ALM XL

Market Need
From the special XXL metal additive manufacturing machine ...
to the standard XL machine associant la by combining the most mature WAAM wire technologywith la simplicité d’utilisation the ease of use of a CNC-controlled robot.
To meet the various industrial requirements: ASD, Rail, Naval, Energy, MRO, Foundry, Tooling… as well as Training and Research organizations.
Machiine Comp@qt VLM Robotics
ALM for XL part (Ø600 H600 weight <500kg)
7 axis machine : Robot, rotary table, CMT Advanced system.
Control via NC in Direct Control, integrating NX software and Mindsphere connection.
Machine prepared for in-process monitoring.
Turnkey packaged solution.

Control in Manufacturing Process

Market Trend
Whatever the industrial applications, control during the manufacturing process is a means of real-time agility.
The demand is therefore evolving towards cells that mix machining and control or manufacturing and NDT or several manufacturing steps in strong interdependence: cleaning and bonding ...
VLM Robotics Solutions
Single or multi-channel (several robots) Direct Control NC configured cells allowing the implementation of closed loops as well as a fine control linked to a high capacity and speed of information processing.